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Tournament Guide

The Tournament Course Guide is an enhanced version of the course guide that we supply
the Professional golfers and caddies on the PGA European Tour each week.
This product is available at selected golf tournaments throughout the world.

Tournament Course Guide features:

  1. Unique promotional vehicle for tournament sponsors & promoters.

  2. Exposes spectators, corporate guests & pro-am participants to the Pro’s Course Guide.

  3. Provides the spectator with an insight into the professional game & the golf course.

  4. Enhances spectator experience at the event.

  5. Provides additional information such as statistics, history, results etc.

  6. Makes a desirable souvenir.

Graeme Heinrich

Used by spectators, pro-am players, corporate guests and the media at selected golf tournaments throughout the world.

Used by professional golfers and
caddies each week on the PGA
European Tour since 1990

Used by club golfers & tourists
throughout the world

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  1.   Colour or Black & White options.

  2.   Our unique out of scale representation of each hole.

  3.   Captures the natural look and feel of each hole.

Tournament Golf